At Liberty Gold, we place our people first, recognizing our team is our greatest asset. We place importance on protecting our environment and creating a positive impact on the communities we work within.  Our people drive a unique and innovative approach to managing all matters 'ESG' which has been acknowledged, in our receipt of the  2022 Environmental Excellence Award from the State of Utah’s Department of Natural Resources.

This report reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainable policies and practices as we evolve from an exploration company to one focused on development.

Our two main assets, Black Pine and Goldstrike, are both former open pit, heap-leach mining operations, which we are working towards bringing back into production in partnership with, and for the prosperity of, all of our stakeholders – from shareholders to our local community members. As we work towards the goal of transitioning to production, we are actively pursuing modern technology to design responsible and sustainable mining operations; these promote minimal environmental impact and long-term value while ensuring a net positive benefit to local communities.

We outline our plans to continue to address our ESG management as well as our efforts to date, including our work in particular on biodiversity studies and community engagement. While our activities in the Great Basin are not directly impacting endangered or threatened species, we are pleased to be voluntarily planting a large area of sagebrush seedlings in order to promote the rehabilitation of the habitat of the greater sage-grouse, an important native bird species in Idaho and elsewhere in the US.

This report aligns with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework as it is the most relevant for Liberty Gold at this time. We additionally have identified material topics both for our stakeholders and used those to focus our current reporting. Liberty Gold is committed to an ESG framework that is timely and transparent for all our stakeholders. We thank you for your support.