Welcome to Pilot Gold.

A leading gold discovery company built on and fueled by our proprietary Science of Discovery©.
As a philosophy and a practice, the Science of Discovery© is focused on finding the sweet spot – that position on the mining continuum with the greatest opportunity to unlock and deliver maximum value for our shareholders, with the lowest investment of time and capital.

Pilot Gold is led by the same management and technical teams that built Fronteer Gold, a similar growth company acquired in 2011 by Newmont Mining Corporation for $2.3 billion. In 10 years, Fronteer Gold grew from a $2-million venture shell into a well-funded and high-profile gold development company that discovered or advanced seven deposits.

We are currently advancing a portfolio of strategic gold and copper-gold projects in Nevada and in Turkey. We believe that these strategic assets have powerful potential for significant growth and value creation.

As with Fronteer Gold, Pilot Gold's strategy is to build value by focusing on proven management, high-quality assets, and sustained growth.

  • Management: We have assembled a powerful senior team with a successful track record in the discovery and advancement of high-quality assets.
  • Quality: Our key projects includes two gold-mineralized systems and a large copper-gold porphyry. All of our projects are located in excellent mining jurisdictions in Turkey, Nevada and Utah.
  • Growth: Our key projects have considerable upside with significant value yet to be realized, while our pipeline of projects in Turkey and Nevada provide a solid platform for future growth.

At Pilot Gold, finding the sweet spot isn’t a game of guesswork or chance. To make the big discoveries, we believe in proven scientific methods and techniques – the Pilot Gold Science of Discovery©.