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The Science of Discovery© is at the core of our business model and strategic focus. Disciplined, methodical, and intensely focused on finding the Sweet Spot.

  • Opportunities are often overlooked, ignored, or abandoned by others.
  • Our scientists locate, identify, and investigate hundreds every year.
  • Our discoveries are the deliberate result of independents science, creative thinking, and deep experience.
  • We are Data Miners: Goldstrike, Black Pine, Kinsley

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Dr. Moira Smith

Moira led our team that unlocked value at The Great Basin ‘sweet spot’ that became Long Canyon.

Newmont purchased it for $2.3 billion and it is now a fully- functioning mine pouring gold since 2016.

Goldstrike is yet another exceptional ‘sweet spot’ being explored by our brilliant team of scientists led by Moira Smith.

  • We know The Great Basin.
  • We’re driven to discover large-scale deposits that can be mined profitably in open-pit and leach pad scenarios.
  • This group is responsible for advancing and / or developing 2 of the world’s 7 new heap leach gold mines, Karma and Long Canyon, which both went into production in 2016 and individual members of this team contributed to six gold mines operating in the world today.
  • We’ve compiled over 1519 historical drill holes, and have drilled over 450 of our own, to come up with a robust mineralization model for the district.